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Biography Of Karl Joseph Brodtman

Karl Joseph Brodtman was born in Überlingen, Switzerland in 1787.  He died in 1862. 

He produced excellent lithographs of mammals, birds, fish and people in the post-Linnaean "'Age of Enlightenment". Natural history specimens were depicted in hand-coloured sets for the use of biologists and the aristocracy, the latter being not only great patrons of the arts and sciences, but including many who were actively interested in fauna and flora. Brodtman was brilliant at portraying animals of beauty, liveliness and with scientific accuracy. The artists respected scientific accuracy and often displayed a remarkable sense of aesthetics.

Brodtman's natural history lithographs include Heinrich Rudolf Schinz's works on reptiles and birds, published in the early 1830s. Brodtman also produced natural history lithographs, as Naturhistorische Bilder Gallerie aus dem Thierreiche[1]

Brodtman died, aged 75, in Basel, Switzerland.

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