By definition, collecting is to bring together into one place or to gather an accumulation of objects in one place. Collecting can be a great hobby but over time, it can also be a great investment. Collections are limited and exclusive which makes them inherently “special”.

Some people are hesitant when it comes to collecting antiquities, not having the confidence that they, in fact,  will have the know-how to make their collection worthwhile.  Having been an avid collector all my life, Antiquarian Print Shop has been my passion for decades.  Every project sets me on a journey of research and discovery.  It is so much fun finding new antique prints and then I get to share them with you. 

The joy of collecting brings people from various backgrounds to concentrate on a common subject that is dear to their hearts.

The emotions evoked by acquiring a collection can be numerous and always personal. Collections can be brought together by identifying with a subject, colours  or simply something that identifies an emotional connection between you and the art work. Purchases are made based on emotional benefits, while down the track, can well become financial as prints grow in value.

Original artworks make your space yours. No matter where your interests lie, botanicals, equestrian pursuits, sport, architecture, any artwork in your chosen field of interest, they will fit beautifully in your space and are connected simply by the subject that gives your art space a personality that is as unique to you, as it is your artwork.

Often art collections become a story. There is always a connecting story that begins simply because you love what you have purchased. It could be something as simple as an engraving purchased for $50 while on a holiday somewhere.  It becomes a memory of the visit but then goes on to be the first of many holiday acquisitions. Your acquisitions become a reflection of your life journey.

Whatever your choice, maybe an engraving, maybe a particular subject, it grows as a direct reflection of your confidence and knowledge. As you grow in confidence, you begin to broaden your choices as you learn more.

Some people enjoy the status and prestige of learning about and collecting something that is unusual or prestigious in some way. Others enjoy collecting to demonstrate loyalty to a cause, a team, or….. just because it is of interest to them and they can!

The road to collecting prints is paved with knowledge that expands your horizons beyond your walls. The drive to collect can be both emotional  and financial. What first can be seen as an emotional purchase may grow into an investment over time and can, over years, be one that is lucrative.

Collecting can be a good thing! 
Without collectors we would have no libraries or museums.

The collections we offer through Antiquarian Print Shop have been carefully selected. They are of the highest quality, and authenticated through hundreds of hours of research. They make a great addition to any collector's catalogue or a beautiful work of art to display on the walls of your home.  

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