• Original Antique Prints

    Original Antique Prints are historic artworks created through traditional printmaking methods such as etching, engraving, lithography, or woodcutting, typically dating back to the 19th century or earlier. These prints, valued for their artistic excellence and historical significance, are cherished collectibles sought by art enthusiasts and investors alike. Buying original antique prints not only offers you a glimpse into the past but also provides a tangible connection to art history, while potentially serving as a valuable investment due to their rarity and enduring appeal.

  • Reproductions and Custom Prints

    Reproductions of antique prints are modern copies of our original antique prints. These reproductions capture the essence and aesthetic of the original antique prints, allowing you to enjoy iconic artworks without the expense.

    Custom Prints have been specifically selected from our original antique prints to be reproduced in multiple sizing formats. This allows you to select a size of one of your favourite prints ensuring that the artwork complements your interior layout and décor. This offers you a balance between affordability and personalisation while retaining the appeal of original artworks.

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What do we offer?

Discover captivating antique prints that evoke a sense of nostalgia and history. Our antique print gallery comprises of authentic oroginal prints and reproductions, most of which hand were picked by our founder, Iris Windsor.

At Antiquarian Print Shop you will find an array of print techniques ranging from copperplate engravings, wood engravings to lithography which are all testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the artists of bygone eras. Our print collection depicts a variety of subjects including architecture, antiquities, botanicals, costumes, maps, Australia, and more! 

The historical significance and artistic value of antique prints capture a moment in time offering a tangible link to history. They hold historical significance and artistic value making them a potentially profitable investment. Our prints are regularly sought after by collectors, historians, and art enthusiasts alike.

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The Joys of Collecting

Did you know it is basic human instinct to collect things? We are all curious creatures, who by collecting particular items, learn more about historical or general things that fascinate us. Collecting specific things reflects our interests and style which strikes a sentimental cord. Iris, our Founder, recently wrote about the Joy of Collecting.

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Buy more, SAVE more!

Turn your dream interior design into reality with our curated and expansive range of custom prints.

We've meticulously selected captivating designs from our original antique prints and reimagined them in various sizes for you to enjoy, without breaking the bank.

Our custom reproduction prints create a customisable solution for any space, allowing you to select the perfect size for each piece to seamlessly complement your layout and décor.

Bundle them together by buying more and you guessed it, you'll save more along the way!

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eGift Cards

Give the gift of options!

Not sure what print is the right one for that certain someone? Our gift cards offer your nearest and dearest full access to our catalogue of beautiful, antique prints for every room in their home.

*eGift Cards are not able to be used conjunction with any sales.

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  • "A perfect thing to happened: Recently bought two Gould prints.... was so impressed they arrived the same week I ordered. I have framed them and given them pride of place in my spare bedroom, they look perfect."

    - Jennifer. M

  • "It is a beautiful picture, outstanding quality. It arrived very speedily and packed safely. Now to choose my next one!"

    - Helen. D

  • "My husband and I just moved into our brand new home. I had no idea how to work with such a blank canvas. I was recommended Iris at the Antiquarian Print Shop. She was so kind giving me lots of advice as to what prints would work in various parts of our home. She even gave me the best tips on how to frame the prints I bought. I cannot thank Iris and the team at Antiquarian enough. My new home looks amazing thanks to their help."

    - Phoebe, Mountain Creek QLD

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