It is no wonder that the history of winemaking centres around France.

Winemaking in France dates back to a period more than 2,600 years ago to during the 6th century BC.

Over the course of history, the French wine industry has been influenced by many factors. Prior to the French Revolution, the Catholic Church was one of France’s largest vineyard owners, wielding considerable influence particularly in Champagne and Burgundy. They introduced wine to the sacrament of Eucharist…. So they could then drink it every day!!!

The climate in France was perfect for grape growing. It was decided that anywhere where you could grow figs and olives, you could grow grapes. Italy and Spain became New World Wine growing areas.

Political alliances played a substantial role in the trade of wine. Political alliances between the French and English saw wine commerce wax and wane, depending on what was happening between the French and English Kings and Queens and the aristocracy.

The 1700s saw huge changes to the industry. After the French Revolution, huge quantities of very poor quality wine emerged, flagging the need to educate the French Vignerons to increase their knowledge of the wine making process and how to educate them to make better quality wines.

By mid 19th Century the industry in France enjoyed a golden period of prosperity but a series of events brought the Golden age to an end. Mysterious ailments caused the death of the grape vines. By late 19th century, the French government engaged Louis Pasteur to conduct a study of the problems plaguing the industry

Throughout its history, the French wine industry has been shaped by both external and internal forces. Revolutions, vine diseases, wars and transport problems and many more have all presented as diverse issues to be overcome. However, wine has been the cornerstone of French commercial interests for many years

Such was the interest and pride in their wines that men like Victor Levasseur used his talents to create wine maps. These beautifully decorative maps would be perfect in many locations.  An office, boardroom, commercial or home bar area to mention just a few.

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