Animals, The Wolf, 1. Le Loup 2. Le Loup Noir

Animals, The Wolf, 1. Le Loup 2. Le Loup Noir

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Animals: The Wolves, 1. Le Loup, 2. Le Loup Noir

Date: c1830

Engraver: Massard A

Artist; Madame Pillot for Lacapede

Publisher: BGE Delaville, Comte de Lacapede

Paper Size: 135 x 220mm 

Print Size: 110 x 185mm

Condition: very good

Technique: Copperplate engraving

Price: $85

Technique: Original, hand coloured, copperplate engraving

 Description: Copperplate engraving with later hand-colouring 


Bernard Germain de Lacapede (1756 - 1825) was a french naturalist and an active freemason. 

He is known for his contribution to the Comte de Buffon's great work, the Histoire Naturelle. He assisted with the publication and continued to add to the publication after the death of de Buffon

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