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Bird, Gould, John,  Orthonyx Novae Guineae, c1875-1888

Bird, Gould, John, Orthonyx Novae Guineae, c1875-1888

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Date: 1875-1888

Artist: Gould John

Lithographer: Hart William

Printer: Richter, H C 

Size: 535 x 370mm

Price: $3500

Condition: good, Note: Small tear on RHS about halfway down It has been repaired and will not be obvious once framed 

Description: Beautiful original lithograph, hand-coloring completed by Gould's wife, Elizabeth before sale. This digital image does not do justice to this fine original antique print.

Provenance:  Original hand-coloured lithograph by William Hart for the Birdman John Gould'sBirds of New Guinea and the Adjacent Papuan Islands


To read about John Gould, click here

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