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Bird, Gould John, Pied Honey Eater, c1930, Reproduction

Bird, Gould John, Pied Honey Eater, c1930, Reproduction

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Reproduction from Gould's Australian Honey Eater Series

Date: c1930

Artist: Gould John

Lithographer: Hart William

Printer: Richter, H C 

Size: 535 x 360mm

Price: 35.00

Condition: Good

Description: This is a beautiful Reproduction, printed in colour

Provenance:  Reproduction

John Gould Reproduction Honeyeater bird print. 
Lansdowne reproduction from a hand-coloured lithograph by John Gould and Henry Constantine Richter for "Birds of Australia" by John Gould, originally published in London between 1840 and 1848.
There are about 170 species of Honey Eaters, all unique to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Most eat nectar which they get by sticking their long tounges into flowers or between pieces of bark.

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