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Bird, Gould John, Red Rumped Aracari, c1955, Reproduction

Bird, Gould John, Red Rumped Aracari, c1955, Reproduction

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Reproduction from Gould's Bird Series

Date: c1955

Artist: Gould John

Lithographer: Hart William

Printer: Richter, H C 

Size: 535 x 360mm

Price: $150.00

Condition: Good

Description: This is a beautiful Reproduction, printed in colour

Provenance:  Reproduction

John Gould Reproduction bird print. 
The dazzling illustrations from Gould's Monograph of the Ramphastidae, or Family of Toucans, 1852-1854 represent his most dramatic, magnificent images.

The amazing range of vivid colors--shiny black, vibrant red, yellow, and orange--creates an unprecedented sense of animation. Shown against simple backgrounds, Gould's toucans look very much alive, as if they were about to take flight.

The inspiration for Toucans came while Gould was working on his Birds of Europe, when he became fascinated by the toucan collection of a fellow ornithologist. He made several trips to central European museums to gather material for Toucans, and after publication of the first edition, redrew some of the plates and added 20 new birds to this revised and expanded second edition. All are included in these touchingly beautiful reproductions of Gould's hand-colored lithographs. 

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