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Botanical, Marsilea, (aquatic fern) by Frederick Manson Bailey

Botanical, Marsilea, (aquatic fern) by Frederick Manson Bailey

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Botanical,  Marsilea, Federick Manson Bailey for Queensland Flora    

Date :1899 to 1902

Artist:  Frederick Manson Bailey 

Engraver: F Elliott

Paper Size: 250cm x 270cm

Condition: good, has a fold line, paper edges from this series are fragile 

Technique: lithograph, hand coloured

Price: $60.00

Description: Hand coloured lithograph from Queensland Flora

Marsilea is a genus of approximately 65 species of aquatic ferns of the family Marsileaceae  The name honours naturalist Luigi Fernando Marsili. These small plants are of unusual appearance and do not resemble common ferns. 


To read about Frederick Manson Bailey click here.



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