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Botanical, Longhurst Peter, Camellia, Carter's Sunburst, C. x Japonica, Plate 33, 1951

Botanical, Longhurst Peter, Camellia, Carter's Sunburst, C. x Japonica, Plate 33, 1951

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Date: 1951

Artist: Longhurst, Peter

Author:  Savige Thomas James

Paper Size: 245 x 315

Condition: Very good

Technique: Printed in colour 

Price: $50

Description: Beautiful print from the Peter Longhurst Camellia Watercolour Series

Provenance: This cultivar was originally from The date relates to the date that the cultivar was established and named. Originated in California first flowered in 1951.


Artist: Longhurst Peter

Longhurst Peter

Peter Longhurst is a watercolour painter of Australian Flora and Fauna was born in  Birmingham UK in 1922 and arrived in Australia in 1967. He has held a number of solo shows in both Sydney and London

Peter Longhurst’s career as an artist began in 1969. What began as a pastime, painting birds, wildflowers, animals, flowers and historical buildings became a successful profession

 Many of his drawings and paintings of birds, animals and flowers have appeared on greeting cards, art prints, and calendars as well as being placed on exhibition

 In 1979, a Limited Edition of his historical paintings was published and other examples of his work have been published as regular magazine features

 The quality of the prints on his work on the Genus Camelia will be evident from these beautiful camelia prints

Author: Savige, Thomas James

 Thomas Savige was the author of these prints of the Genus Camellia

He was educated as an engineer and worked in the aircraft industry in England, United States and Australia

 In 1953 he met Professor Waterhouse and under his influence, became interested in the history and Nomenclature of Camellias. He has contributed to many publications on Camellias as well as most English Language publications of the Camellia Societies

He has attended a number of International Congresses on the Camellia and travelled in most countries where they are grown. He has arranged importation of a number of species and Hybrids from China where they grow amazing camellias. He has raised and registered a number of camellia cultivars including a group of miniature hybrids.

His present project is to catalogue all known camellia cultivars. Estimate to be in excess of 25,000 species

A leading flower painter and internationally acknowledged expert has collaborated to present a unique appreciation of the camellia, one of the most beautiful of all flowering shrubs

Peter Longhurst’s exquisite paintings are notable as examples of the flower painters art as well as the accuracy of the representation

TJ Savige’s text presents a wealth of information.

The origins and early cultivation of the Camellia in the Orient and its introduction to the West makes a fascinating story.

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