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Fashion, Mens, Mason and Hanson, #126-127, Autumn Winter, 1920-1921

Fashion, Mens, Mason and Hanson, #126-127, Autumn Winter, 1920-1921

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Date: 1920-21

Paper Size: 340 x 445mm

Condition: Good

Technique: lithograph

Price: $100

Description: Printed in black and white

This is from a stunning, rare, original fashion catalogue from 1920-21 featuring Autumn and Winter Fashions from Mason and Hanson -  a Chicago manufacturer of fine wools and linens. 


1920s men’s fashion was the start of menswear as we know it today.  It was a time of classic sophistication with a level of fun that had gone by the wayside in favor of more and more casual modern clothing.

Colors in 1920s men’s clothes were mostly neutral with patterns, but the accessories popped with vibrant colors — just like they did for women’s 1920s fashion. Popular TV shows such as Downton Abbey have brought back the appeal for 1920s men’s fashion today.

There is an extensive amount of detailed 1920s men’s fashion history articles available to read as well as links to new 1920s vintage inspired clothing to create your own outfit. Here is a brief rundown of 1920s men’s fashion history with links to more 1920s men’s fashion history and shopping sources.

The essential part of a 1920s man’s wardrobe was his suit. For day, evening, work, or parties, a man always wore a suit. The only exceptions were for blue-collar workers, sports players, and young teen and college men who dressed more casually — but even they owned second-hand and often mismatched suits, and wore them with pride.

Suit jackets were either single or double-breasted and featured 3 or 4 buttons up the front. The top button came to the center of the heart, giving way to notch lapels that grew wider each year. The height of the suit lapels is what really sets 1920s suits apart from suits of other eras. When buttoned, jackets would completely cover vests, exposing only the shirt collar and necktie.

The 1920s suit fit changed from a snug slim fit in the “Jazz age” early years (1918-1923) to a looser boxy fit after 1924.

If you would like to read more is a great article on the 1920s Men's Fashion of the 1920s

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