; Decorator | Cabinet | Siecle | Musee du Lourve | Plate 27 | 1864

Decorator, Furniture, Les Collections, Celebres, D'Oeuvres D'Art, Cabinet, XVI, Siecle, Musee du Lourve, Plate 27, 1864

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Two pieces

Date: 1864

Engraver: Delatre

Published in Paris

Paper Size: 450 x 300mm

Print Size: 220 x 160mm

Condition: Good

Technique: Copperplate Engraving, later hand colouring

Price: $250


This piece of furniture with a square & fluted frame, surmounted by a broken arch in its middle, & between two helmeted figurines, a woman's head carrying a basket of fruit. In the center of the frame, the portrait of Henri II in Limoges enamel, by Léonard Limosin. On each side of the enamel, are two back-to-back mermaids, whose body is finished with windings. The middle part is decorated with three pilasters with Corinthian capitals, two leaves each adorned with a figurine of a woman carrying a tall basket of flowers and fruit on her head. Their arms are terminated by a winding of tree branches. On the two lower leaves, two pointed arch pediments, recalling that of the upper part. In the middle of each arc, a winged angel's head, and below a woman's head surmounted by a palmette. On both sides of the piece of furniture, a design of arabesques in very strong projection.

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