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Decorator, Checkerboard, (Damier), Musee du Louvre, Paris c1850

Decorator, Checkerboard, (Damier), Musee du Louvre, Paris c1850

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This print is a copy of the original design released for production c1875

Date: Purchased by The Louvre c1852

Artist: Damier was designed by Louis Vitton and Son

Previous owner: Count of Arjuzon

Price: $150 

Paper Size: 445 x 300mm

Print Size: 245 x 250mm

Condition: very good

Technique: Copperplate Engraving with later hand colouring


The squares alternate in translucent green/emerald and opaque ivory. All the figures in the ivory squares are accented in black, and the lighter decoration around these figures in gold. 


This board was for the game titled "French Ladies" and was also used as a chess board.

This checkerboard in Limoges enamel was unknown with the exception of the one held by the Louvre Museum.  The checkerboard was owned by the Count of Arjuzon. In 1852, was purchased by the Director General of Museums for The Louvre in Paris


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