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Map: Tallis John, British India, c1851

Map: Tallis John, British India, c1851

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Date: 1851

Artist and Engraver: J Rapkin

Illustrations: H. Wray

Engraver: G. Greatbach

Image Size: 270 x 350mms

Condition: good

Technique: Steel Engraving, original hand coloured

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A highly decorative and detailed mid 19th century map of India (including Nepal) which was drawn and engraved by J. Rapkin (vignettes by A. H. Wray & G. Greenbach) and published in John Tallis's Illustrated Atlas (London & New York: c.1851). An interesting feature of the map is the depiction of the then proposed railway lines running from Bombay to Delhi and Calcutta. From the first opening in 1853, the railway network has become an integral feature of modern India. The Illustrated Atlas, published from 1849 to 1853, was the last decorative world atlas. The 'British India' map was typical of the many fine ones which appeared in this work with its decorative border and attractive vignettes. Illustrated are views of Lahore; Cootub Minar, Delhi; an Indian procession and Belouche tribesmen. Contained within an elaborate border, the maps are generally decorated with vignettes and scenes depicting particular views and local inhabitants.

John Tallis Cartographer
John Tallis and Company published views, maps and Atlases in London from roughly 1838 to 1851. The principal works, expanding upon the earlier works of Cary and Arrowsmith, include an 1838 collection of London Street Views and the 1849 Illustrated Atlas of the World. His principal engraver was John Rapkin, whose name and decorative vignettes appear on most Tallis & Co. maps. Due to the decorative style of Rapkin's work, many regard Tallis maps as the last bastion of English decorative cartography in the 19th century. Though most Tallis maps were originally issued uncolored, it was not uncommon for 19th century libraries to commission colorists to "complete" the atlas. The London Printing and publishing Company of London and New York bought the rights for many Tallis maps in 1850 and continued Publishing his Illustrated Atlas of the World until the mid 1850s. Specific Tallis maps later appeared in innumerable mid to late 19th century publications as illustrations and appendices.
Tallis, J., The Illustrated Atlas, And Modern History Of The World Geographical, Political, Commercial & Statistical, 1851.    
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