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Map, Hollandia Nova Terra Australis, Tasman, Abel, c 1644, Hand Coloured Reproduction,

Map, Hollandia Nova Terra Australis, Tasman, Abel, c 1644, Hand Coloured Reproduction,

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Limited Edition Reproduction 41 /750

Date: c1644 

Engraver: Bowen E

Paper Size: 655 x 520mm

Condition: Good

Technique: Original was a copperplate engraving

Price: $250

Description: This is a beautiful hand-coloured copy of an Original map 


This information has been translated from the map: 

This Map is very exactly copied from the original and therefore the Dutch Names have been preserved that if hereafter any discoveries should ever be attempted all the places mentioned may be readily found in the Dutch Charts which must be procured for such a Voyage. The Reader is desired to observe that nothing is marked here but what has been Actually discovered which is the reason for the white Space between New Holland and New Zealand, and again between New Zeland and New Guinea which make the South and Eastsides of Terra Australis; It is also requisite to observe that the Country discovered by Ferdinand de Quiros lies according to his description on the East Side of this continent directly Oppafite to Carpentaria which if attentively considered will add no small weight to the Credit of what he has written about that Country and which has been very rashly as well as very unjustly treated by some Critical Writers as a Fiction whereas it appears from this map of actual Discoveries that there is a country where Ferdinand de Quiros says he found one: and if so why may not that Country be such a one as he describes? In Tasman's Voyage, we have shown why he did not make this matter more plain.

It is impossible to conceive a Country that promises fairer from its situation than this of Terra Australis no longer incognita, as this Map demonstrates, but the Southern Continent Discovered. It lies precisely in the richest Climates of the World. If the Islands of Sumatra, Java & Borne o abound in Precious Stones and other valuable Commodities and the Moluccas in spices, New Guinea and the Regions behind it must by a parity of Reason be as plentifully endowed by Nature. If the Island of Madagaſcar is so noble and plentiful a Country as all authors speak it and Gold Ivory and other Commodities are common in the Southern part of Africa from Melinda donn to the Cape of Good Hope, and so up again to C. Gonsales here are same lattitudes in Carpentaria, New Holland, and New Zealand, Peru overs flows with Silver, if all the Mountains of Chili are filled with gold, and This precious Metal Stones much more precious are a product of Brazil this Continent enjoys the benefit of the same position and therefore whoever perfectly discovers & settles it will become infallibly possessed of Servitories as Rich, as fruitful. & as capable of Improvement, as any that have been hitherto found out, either in the East Indies, or the West

Hollandia Nova Terra Australis vol1 page 325 655x520mm - 


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