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Map, Lapie, Pierre and Alexandre, Confederation Germanique, c1829

Map, Lapie, Pierre and Alexandre, Confederation Germanique, c1829

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Maps, Confederat Germanoique for Pierre & Alexandre Lapie's Atlas Universel de Geograrphie Ancienne et Moderne. 

Date: c1829

Cartographer: Lapie, Pierre & Alexandre 

Image Size: 215 x 285mm

Paper Size: 250 x 335mm

Condition: Good

Technique: Lithograph

Price: $150

Description: Copperplate Engraving with later hand colouring


Lapie, Pierre M (1779 – 1850) and Son Alexandre Emile Lapie (1809 – 1850)
Pierre M. Lapie (fl. 1779 - 1850) and his son Alexandre Emile Lapie (fl. 1809 - 1850) were
French cartographers and engravers active in the early part of the 19th century. The Lapies
were commissioned officers in the French army holding the ranks of Colonel and Capitan,
respectively. Alexander enjoyed the title of First Geographer to the King", and this title
appears on several of his atlases. Both father and son were exceptional engravers and
fastidious cartographers. Working separately and jointly they published four important
atlases, an 1811 Atlas of the French Empire (Alexander), the 1812 Atlas Classique et
Universel (Pierre), the Atlas Universel de Geographie Ancienne et Modern (joint issue), and
the 1848 Atlas Militaire (Alexander). They also issued many smaller maps and independent
issues. All of these are products of exceptional beauty and detail. Despite producing many
beautiful maps and atlases, the work of the Lapie family remains largely underappreciated by
most modern collectors and map historians. The later 19th-century cartographer A. H. Dufour
claimed to be a student of Lapie, though it is unclear if he was referring to the father or the
son. The work of the Lapie firm, with its precise engraving and informational density,
strongly influenced the mid-19th century German commercial map publishers whose maps
would eventually dominate the continental market.

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