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Map, Morden Robert, County Map, Midlesex, c1695

Map, Morden Robert, County Map, Midlesex, c1695

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Maps: Midlesex, Morden Robert

Date: This Edition: c1695

Artist: Robert Morden

Sold by: Able, Swale, Awnsham and Churchil

Image Size: 425 x 365mmchilPaper Size: 460 x 400mm

Condition: very good

Technique: Copperplate engraving 

Price: $1500

Description: antique, copperplate engraving, hand coloured

Northumberland, Morden Robert, c1695
An interesting and attractive late 17th century original map of Northumberland which was produced by Robert Morden and published in Camden's Britannia (London: Swale, Awnshaw & Churchill, 1695)*. Bishop Gibson described the maps from this series as "much the fairest and most correct of any that have yet appeared". The maps are also notable for using up to three different mileage scales, none of which are based on the statute mile!


Robert Morden

Robert Morden was an English bookseller, publisher, and maker of maps and globes. He was among the first successful commercial map makers. Between about 1675 and his death in 1703, he was based under the sign of the Atlas at premises in Cornhill and New Cheapside, London. His cartographical output was large and varied. His best-known maps are those of South Wales, North Wales and the English Counties first published in a new edition of Camden's "Britannia" in 1695, and subsequently reissued in 1722, 1753 and 1772. These maps were based on new information from gentlemen of each county, and were newly engraved. Each had a decorated cartouche, and showed numerous place names. Morden also produced in 1701 a series of smaller county maps often known as Miniature Mordens.
  • Reference: Wikipedia
  • Born: 1650 · England  
  • Died: 1703 · England
  • Written works: An introduction to astronomy Geography,navigation and other mathematical sciences
Guaranteed to be over 295 years old.
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