Map, Steiler Adolf, Eastern Hemisphere,  Steilers Hand Atlas, c1861

Map, Steiler Adolf, Eastern Hemisphere, Steilers Hand Atlas, c1861

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Full Name of Map
Oestliche Halbrugel: Steiler, Adolf, 1861

Date: 1861

Artist: Adolf Steiler

Engraver: Adolf Steiler

Paper Size: 460 x 370mms

Condition: good

Technique: steel engraving


Description: The mark across the bottom portion of this map is a shadow. This map is in good condition. It will be photographed again in due course


Adolf Steiler (26 February 1775 – 13 March 1836) was a German cartographer and lawyer who worked most of his life in the Justus Perthes Geographical Institute in Gotha. Although he studied law and would serve in government for his entire career, he maintained an interest in cartography and published many famous works. His Handatlas was the leading German world atlas until the middle of the 20th century.
Eastern Hemisphere 
Oestliche Halbrugel: Steiler, Adolf, 1861
Full Title of Map: Oestliche Halbkugel Gotha: Justus Perthes 1861
Author: Steiler, Adolf
Date: 1861
This is a rare historical cartographic image from Steilers Hand Atlas of 1861
Short Title: Westliche Halbkugel
Publisher: Gotha: Justus Perthes
Type: Atlas Map
Object Height cm: 32
Object Width cm: 36
Scale 1: 37,000,000
Note: In outline hand colour 
World Area: Eastern Hemisphere
Engraver or Printer:  Stieler Adolf
Published In: Hand Atlas Uber Alle Theile Der Erde Und Uber Das Weltgebaude. Herausgegeben Von Adolf Steiler. Gotha Justus Perthes.
Publication Author: Steiler, Adolf
Publication Date: 1861
Publication Note: Stieler's Atlas is extraordinarily detailed. Close examination of the maps shows many features that one would expect to find only on much larger maps. This atlas was first published in 1817, with editions continuing well into the 20th century. It was one of the most comprehensive and best executed 19th century German atlases. In this edition, the maps are dated 1861 Phillips says this was issued in parts. 8 pages of text accompanies the index. Atlas is bound in half leather brown cloth covered boards with "Steiler's Hand Atlas" stamped in gilt on the front cover and spine. Maps are both hand painted and printed in full and outline color.
Publication Type: World Atlas
Publication Maps: 89
Publication Height cm: 40
Publication Width cm: 50