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Map, Spruner Carl von, Graecia, Macedonia, Thracia, Spruner -Meinke's Atlas Antiquis 1865

Map, Spruner Carl von, Graecia, Macedonia, Thracia, Spruner -Meinke's Atlas Antiquis 1865

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Karl Von Spruner's Hand Atlas Map, 

Date: 1865

Artist: Spruner

Printer: Perthes

Paper Size: 330 x 406mm

Technique: Steel Engraving

Publisher: Gotha: Justus Perthes 

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Modern Day:

South East Bulgaria, North East Greece, and European Turkey

This map also includes 5 smaller insets

Macedonia, Marathon, Plataea, Geaecia, Mantinea, and Leuctra

The insets of Matinea and Luctra depict the important battles that took place n these locations during the Peloponnesian War and the Post Corinthian War Conflict respectively.  Countries and Territories are outlined in colour. The remainder is engraved in detail, exhibiting the fine craftsman ship of the Perthes Firm. 


Karl Von Spruner (1803-1892)

Spruner was a Stutgart born cartographer, scientist, and map publisher who was active during mid 19th century. Spruner joined the Bavarian army aged 11 years and dedicated all of his life to the service in the army.

Recognising his keen intellect, Spruner was assigned to the cartographic division of the army. His military Education earned him the title of Doctor of Cartography. 

Spruner is best known for his Atlases which were published by the Perthes Firm. In 1886, after 72 years of professional military service, Spruner formally retired, passing away some 7 years later

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