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Seashells, Brown Captain Thomas, Bivalve Shells, Plate XLIX, 1827

Seashells, Brown Captain Thomas, Bivalve Shells, Plate XLIX, 1827

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Date: 1827

Artist: Brown, Dr Thomas

Engraver: Lizars W. H. 

Paper Size: 260 x 310mm

Print Size: 235 x 300

Condition: Very good

Technique: Original Copperplate engraving

Price: $250

Description: Beautiful hand coloured copperplate engravings. These original prints are in fine condition from this rare first edition work

Provenance: Illustrations from The Recent Conchology of Great Britain and Ireland by Captain Thomas Brown 

Brown, Captain Thomas, 

Shells: Bivalves

Original Hand Coloured, antique copperplate engraving of Marine Life, Bivalves, by William Home LIZARS  (1788-1859) after a drawing by Scottish Naturalist, Captain Thomas Brown (1785 –1862) for Brown’s work, the edition of Molluscs of the British Isles, drawn and coloured from nature, published in London and Edinburgh c1827 

 Artist Thomas Brown cemented his career as a naturalist by accepting the position of curator of the Manchester Museum in 1838. The edition of Brown’s Molluscs of the British Isles, was executed by William Home LIZARS, whose works including those for Audubon’s Birds of America and many editions of Sir Walter Scott, “rank among the finest of the early 19th Century” 

Lizars had begun his career in his father’s print shop by producing bookplates and notes for local banks as well as views and publications catering to the Scottish tourist trade. He constantly experimented with new techniques and, in 1821, perfected a method of etching away the background of a copper plate to produce a relief surface similar to that of a wood engraving


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