Seashells, Gualtieri Niccolo, Rare, 1742

Seashells, Gualtieri Niccolo, Rare, 1742

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Date: 1742

Artist: Gualtieri, Niccolo

Engraves: Antonio Pazzi and Guiseppe Menabuoni

Paper Size: 320 x 450mm

Print size: 240 x 365mm

Condition: Very good. The engraving is in excellent condition. Some bleed-through from the text on the back.
Please do examine the print, as it's been said that beauty is an eye of the beholder. Remember this print is over 380+ Years old and some imperfection can be expected due to its age.

Technique: Copperplate engraving with hand colouring

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Description: Copperplate engraving with hand colouring. Text on verso

This first edition, folio shell engraving is from Niccolo Gualtieri's "Index testarum conchyliorum quae adservantur in museo Nicolai Gualtieri". The work was published in Florence by C. Albizzini in 1742. The plates were engraved by Antonio Pazzi & Giuseppe Menabuoni.

Rarity: Extremely Rare and becoming hard to find.

 The present work shows Gualtieri's collection and is one of the most curious and beautiful books on shells ever published. Many of the shells are depicted standing on their apices, and are depicted from two sides, showing the complete surface. Both engraving and typography are exceptional. Gualtieri's collection is extant and can be found in the Museo storia naturale in Pisa.

Many of the images of his work were from his personal renowned collection of shells. Linnaeus used many of Gualtieri"s specimens for his "Systema Naturae"

Concological Studies]:
Engravings from 1742, with hand-colouring, on laid papers, published in Florence, all with margins, minor surface soiling and staining otherwise all in very good condition


Niccolò Gualtieri (1688 –1744) was an Italian doctor and malacologist. as well as being a professor at the University of Piza, was a physician to Cosimo111, Grand Duke of Tuscany. The Duke was a keen collector and had a magnificent cabinet of shells including 360  species sent to him by Rumphius and many of the duplicates were given to Gualtieri.

In 1742, he published Index Testarum Conchyliorum, quae adservantur in Museo Nicolai Gualtieri (translation: List of the shells of shellfish which are preserved in the museum of Niccolò Gualtieri). Gualtieri was a professor at the University of Pisa. He was amongst the first to depict the argonaut

His collections are deposited at the Museo Storia Naturale di Pisa

The displayed print. 

Niccolo Gualtieri (1688-1744), and Antonio Pazzi (1706-1768), after Guiseppe Menabuoni (1708-1745)