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Sporting, The Derby Day, From the Langham to Epsom, Illustrated London News1883

Sporting, The Derby Day, From the Langham to Epsom, Illustrated London News1883

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From The Illustrated London News, 1883, 

Date: 1883

Publisher: The Illustrated London News

Paper Size: 270 x 395mm

Print Size: 203 x 303mm 

Condition: Good

Technique: Wood engraving with later hand colouring

Price: $220

Description: Wood Engraving with later hand colouring


The Epsom Derby still runs today

The History of English Sport

The English have always been 'addicted to sport' all through the ages and the games that people played often depended on their status in life.

Upper-class men spent their time at field sports like hunting, fishing and shooting as many were landowners and were able to host hunting events and shooting parties.

Horse racing was another sport that was beloved by all classes of society and even women went to watch and bet. Young gentlemen of means - and sporting vehicles - often challenged each other to curricle races. These were run on the open road, very much to the consternation of normal traffic 

To learn more click here: The History of English Sport


Women were not involved in sport as women had very few rights. Everyone gambled on sports outcomes. Even children gambled using their little trinkets.  The 1700-the 1800s brought great change to sport. New sports like cricket were played and football remained popular. Rules were introduced and became more refined and organised teams were formed. The biggest advancement was that women started to play sports like cricket.


 Everyone watches sport for basically the same reasons today. In the past during Tudor times, it was often to relieve anger and stress. Today, it is more about getting together for fun and relaxation. They watch for entertainment and pleasure

Sports in England have come a long way since the 1400s. They are not nearly as brutal as they used to be, though at times still rough. Rules are now official and are pretty much the same all over the world but the reasons for watching sport are all still the same. They serve as a reason for gatherings and meetings and for recreation.





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