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Portraits, Vanity Fair - Statesman133 - Practical - Mr Gabriel Goldney, MP- 1872

Portraits, Vanity Fair - Statesman133 - Practical - Mr Gabriel Goldney, MP- 1872

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Vanity Fair, Statesman 133, Mr. Gabriel, 1872

Date: 1872

Print Size: 185 x 305mm

Paper Size: 235 x 360mm

Condition: very good

Caricaturist: Delfico

Technique: ; Lithograph printed in colour

Price: $120

Description: original lithograph printed in colour 


Dr. Gabriel Goldney, (1813-1900) was a conservative politician who sat in the house of commons from 1865-1885. He was created a baronet in1880     

Caricaturist: Baron Melchiorre De Filippis Delficowas an Italian artist, composer, singer, conductor, writer, and a master of the Neapolitan art of Caricature who inspired others among them, the well known, Carlo Pellegrini. He is best remembered today for his caricatures penned under the name Delfico

New Vanity Fair

If you're looking for a who's who of Victorian life then grabbing an old copy of Vanity Fair is a good place to start. The most successful 'Society Magazine' in the history of English journalism, the publication ran under the promise of presenting “a weekly show of Political, Social and Literary Wares”. For almost fifty years it invited readers to recognize their vanities and each week it would summarise world events, review West End shows, and – most importantly – caricature its readers! From artists and authors to scholars and statesmen; the Vanity Fair caricature was an integral part of upper-class Victorian life.




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