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Architecture, Spanish Renaissance, Plate 17, Salamanca, Facade and Details of of Doorway of House, Near the Church San Benito,

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Renaissance Architecture and Adornment in Spain 

Salamanca, Facade and Details of Doorway of House, Near the Church, San Benito, Plate 17,

Between the years 1492 and 1558

Date: 1888

Designed by: de Siloe, Diego, 1519-22

Artist: Prentice Andrew,  Architect, measured and drawn by

Publisher: Batsford, BT 

Paper Size: 345 x 407mm

Print Size: 265 x 390mm

Condition: very good. Normal paper aging qualities

Technique: Original lithography  

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PLATE XVII. SALAMANCA. House near the Church San Benito. Façade and Detail of Doorway.

This street front shows another of the quaint houses to be met within Salamanca, and probably belonged to some of the smaller nobility. It is remarkable for the deep radiating voussoirs and the pleasing design of its doorway. The projecting roof is kept low, although it was evidently intended to be supported on arches springing from columns to form an open loggia at the top of the house. The idea seems to have been abandoned, as only the balustrade and the lower part of the pillars have been built.

To read about Andrew N. Prentice click here 

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