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Architecture, Spanish Renaissance, Plate 15, Salamanca, Palace of Monterey,

Architecture, Spanish Renaissance, Plate 15, Salamanca, Palace of Monterey,

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Renaissance Architecture and Adornment in Spain 

Salamanca, Facade and Details of Doorway of House, Near the Church, San Benito, Plate 17,

Between the years 1492 and 1558

Date: 1888

Designed by: de Siloe, Diego, 1519-22

Artist: Prentice Andrew,  Architect, measured and drawn by

Publisher: Batsford, BT 

Paper Size: 345 x 470mm

Print Size: 270 x 380mm

Condition: very good. Normal paper aging qualities

Technique: Original lithography  

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PLATE XV. SALAMANCA. The Palacio de Monterey

Regarding the history of this very grand palace little is known. The date, judging from the character of the work, is probably about 1530, and as many of the shields bear the arms of Cardinal Fonseca, in the form of five stars, it is possible that the palace was originally built by the great primate, from designs by his architect Alonso de Covarrubias, who also designed the Colegio Irlandes in Salamanca.

The title of Conde de Monterey was created in the year 1626 in favour of Don Baltasar de Zuniga, who no doubt at one time inhabited this palace, and it is from him that the palace derived its name.

The open loggia on the top story was doubtless built for the ladies of the house to take exercise there when the streets were unsafe.

The ornamental stone “antepecho” is a feature similar in design to the Santiago example. Built from a warm-colored stone, the palace has a very striking appearance in the strong sunlight. The interior is uninteresting, its enrichments having been destroyed during the French war.

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